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Iconic Animator Butch Hartman Draws Fairly OddParents x Anime Crossover

One Piece, Attack On Titan, and Dragon Ball Z are just a few of the animes he recreates in the fan favorite style

If you are not following legendary animator, Butch Hartman, you are letting yourself miss out on his fun viewer request drawing sessions. We profiled before when he drew where the characters & plot of his creation Danny Phantom is now, but this time he is fulfilling requests for him to draw anime characters in the style of  his beloved Fairly OddParents series. 

Of course showing off the big three, he also draws other characters both new and old. He also discusses growing up watching Speed racer, Astro Boy, and Kimba the White Lion. It makes for a interesting look into what a skilled animator enjoys in terms of foreign animated entertainment.

Butch Hartman
Butch Hartman
Butch Hartman

Watch all the way til the end for a bit of a surprise!

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And check out the last time we showed off his amazing work!

(All art displayed was created by the talented Mr. Hartman)

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