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You Are Worth More Than You Think

Always fight for your happiness and never let the pain from your past, the exhaustion of the present, or a fear of the future stop you.

‚ÄčIt is easy for a lot of people to think the era of nerd or geek acceptance is upon us but many know that is not the case. The popularity of comics and anime adaption does not equal the popularity of those who enjoy the origins that modern entertainment found it self. They are the people who have diffulty attempting to find somewhere they belong, finding a sense of purpose in a world that likes to live comparatively to others.

And while we prep to enter a new year, many are tired and exhausted. Whether it is their love life or work life, lack of wanted social company or much sought after social validation. Well I am ready to tell you that you are more than you think.

If you find the comfort of a game or the relief of a friend through a screen who lives  miles away, there is nothing wrong with that. Yes the jokes exist, even amongst the nerds, geeks, otakus, gamers, role players, and others who live in the depths of counter culture about being a loser if you are alone or doubt yourself. It can be easy to feel like you might not have any real friends or someone who could possible love you.

But listen when I say you are not a loser or a weirdo, you are stronger than you can ever imagine. Feel no shame for just wanting to hold a hand or to receive a hug on occasion. It can be hard to form social connections that feel meaningful.

To hear some one say you are amazing or great or the best. That they like or even love you just for being you.

What you want is real and something everyone desires. In a era of media when people have packaged all the perks of counter culture and sold it to the masses via tv shows, movies, and games; It is fine if that isn’t relatable to you. If that victory isn’t your victory. If you still goof up trying to talk to new people or fear the rejections of those around you.

Life can be terrible and people can be cruel or awful. It isnt all the time though and not everyone you meet will deny your worth. There are moments when it can really shine.

Normally the tone of our site’s editorials and opinion pieces don’t hit on the serious. We never reflect on the darker side of being a fan boy/girl. We never talk about how some out there are recovering from being teased, bullied, and mocked for being “freaks”. This time of year though we want to say it and repeat it again and again.
You are more than you think.

You are not terrible, you are not a loser, you are not worthless, you are more than you think. Always fight for your happiness and never let the pain from your past, the exhaustion of the present,or a fear of the future stop you.

You deserve to fight for whatever you want and to always remember: You are more than you think.

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Editor-in-Chief of the Tides. He has contributed articles and helped write for sites across the wide expanse of the internet. Comic book craving, video game playing, Star Wars fanboy at your service. Mention all forms of geekdom and you will have a friend in him.

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