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Second Pokémon Go Road Death Occurs In Japan; Officials Highly Concerned 

Car and Bicycle accidents are being reported all over Japan

With it being a relatively short time since Japan’s first Pokémon Go related death, a second one has occured.

The memorial at the scene of the first Pokémon Go death

A woman riding her bicycle was struck by a driver who says he was distracted by attempting to charge his phone battery, as it was being drained by playing Pokémon Go. She was left in a crictical condition in the hospital, dying a few days later because of her injuries.

Japanese officials have voiced concerns in regards to the rising number of accidents related to Pokémon go. The country has recorded 79 motor vehicle and bicycle accidents related to the game since it’s release.
It is being said that Niantic Inc (the game’s developer) have done nothing to really stop that number from increasing despite the game now having players confirm via text prompt if they are driving or not.


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