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Japanese Driver Playing Pokémon Go Kills Pedestrian 

A distracted driver has taken a life

A Japanese truck driver playing Pokémon Go while behind the wheel has struck two women, injuring one and killing the other in Tokushima Prefecture. It marks the second death so far reported in connection to the popular game. 

The driver gave a statement that he had been “distracted” by the game while driving and was arrested by the local police, no decision yet if they are going to proceed with a prosecution.

Nintendo has offered condolences for the family of the victims and a spokesperson from game co developer Niantic Inc, has stated that the game has a feature to detect if speeding is occurring and asks players to confirm they are not driving.

Pokemon Company and Niantic endeavor to create an environment where people can play the game safely and we will continue to do that…

Nintendo and authorities have made it clear that they wish for players to play the game calmly and appropriately but this follows footage of a stampede in Taiwan when a rare Pokémon was spotted and in July when reports were coming out of Guatemala that a young man was shot and killed.

It is unclear if additional safety measures will be added to the game.

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