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Etsy Hunt – Hogwarts School Trunk Set

Finish decorating your Hogwarts dorm with this set!

It’s August so the back to school shopping season has begun, even for the magical students venturing to Hogwarts for their magical education. But they can stock up with Ink Of The Soul‘s Hogwarts school set.

Featuring the tools each student of Hogwarts will need, it includes:

  • A Wand 
  • Your Intials on the Side of the Trunk
  • Your Chosen Patronus Hand Painted on the Inside
  • Bronze House Ring (Your Choice of House) or Potion Necklace
  • Hogwarts Express train ticket
  • A copy of “Standard Book of Spells – Grade 1”, Hollow so you can hide your secrets
  • Trinket Box
  • Polyjuice potion
  • A “Lumos” wooden wick candle
  • First Spell Card
  • Floo Powder
  • Felix Felicia
  • 2 Glass Keys
  • 2 Bronze Keys

All contained inside of a beautiful Trunk and with the added fun of allowing you to customize your set! This highly detailed and well put together trunk is a fun buy and can either serve as a great gift for the Harry Potter fans in your life or a nice piece of decor for your Hogwarts dorm room.

Ink of the Soul makes each chest to order and because of that the set has periods of unavailability, BUT KEEP ON IT! This might be the NT office favorite for the creations we have ever featured in this segment.

For those who just can’t wait, the store offers all matter of Harry Potter items for you to love. Including the ability to have your Pottermore wand recreated for real life display!

Harry Potter Wand Replicas

Corked Potion Bottles Necklaces 

So journey over to Ink of The Soul’s store and see the amazing recreations of the Harry Potter world.

We will see you the next time we Etsy Hunt!

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1 comment on “Etsy Hunt – Hogwarts School Trunk Set

  1. SandyLehner

    Why do you show this item if you can’t get it? I am so disappointed.


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