Steven Universe Storyboard Artist Quits Twitter Due To Fan Harassment

Another case of harassment tied to the Steven Universe Fans. This time one of the show’s storyboard artist, Lauren Zuke. Following Zuke posting a picture on her tumblr interpreted as support for a particular relationship (between the characters of Peridot and Lapus) which caused fan outcry.

Some fans of the series revolted and demanded their own preferred pairings. They harassed Zuke to the point they even claimed that she was “queer baiting”, a act of pairing up same sex characters in order to drive views thus only using the gay community. It was being ignored that Zuke identifies as a gay woman.

Some twitter users took screenshots of her final tweets and posted it to twitter.

This isn’t the first case of harassment from Steven Universes fandom with artist Zami receiving enough to push her towards attempting suicide last year.


Harassment no matter intent or public visabilty of the figure should never be excused. 

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