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What Exactly Happened with Steven Universe Fan Artist Zamii070’s Harassment into Attempted Suicide

The creators of the show lash out at the harassment that endangered this girls psyche. Here is why.

This October (2015) artist Zamii070 received a bevy of backlash in regards to her fan art depictions of characters from popular cartoons, most noted Steven Universe. She was accused of transphobia and body shaming as well as race changing the characters she depicted. It was mid-October when she revealed that this harassment had caused her to attempt suicide because after, despite removing the art that had the community of artist and fans angered, they continued to berate the her.

It was on October 19th that she posted a blog post that alarmed parts of the community.

her sui

It  was around this time Reddit began to believe her to have taken her own life. She released a video titled “I’m Sorry”; in the video she discusses being in the hospital for treatment. The video can be found on her Tumblr.


Since the news of her harassment went viral, the creators of Steven Universe have stepped forward defending her, saying that political correctness does not give anyone the right to harass anyone the way she was, including Ian Jq, the supervising director for Steven Universe.


While a number of fans understand the effects bullying might have, several Tumblr users have posted in favor of the shamming that Zamii has received.

At this point, Zamii’s Tumblr still has her listed as an artist and animator and since the posting of her apology video some of her supporters have posted on Tumblr how they can’t wait for her to return.

We here at Nerdier Tides wish her a swift recovery and would like to make our opinion, a staff of various ethnicity and faiths and backgrounds, known: that political correctness is never an excuse to push someone that far.

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