Break the Wall – 5 Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

Whether you’re a well published novelist, a well known online writer, or even a person who writes scripts for fun, there’s one thing that every writer will face: Writer’s Block. You could been far into a story you’ve been working on for week, things have been going the way you planned, then all of a sudden you’re drawing a blank. You keep reading the same scene over and over again, but nothing comes to mind. Don’t worry; this is normal in the world of writing.

You could be drawing blanks for a matter of hours, days, even weeks. Don’t get discouraged if this happens. All you need is some kind of inspiration to help bring that wall down.

Here are five simple tips and tricks to help bring down that wall.

1. Focus on your actual life

As you go about your daily life, take a moment when you can and just look at your surroundings. There might be something you never noticed about a certain room and it might get you thinking about something. Maybe you’re going somewhere and you’re actually ahead of schedule. Slow down your walking speed and look around as you’re walking. Better yet, take a different route and you could possibly see something new. Something simple as sight-seeing could kick start a new flow of ideas.

2. Listen to music

Some often say that music is “a form of expression” or a “form of art.” Listening to music can make a person feel some kind of emotion and have some kind of ideas. For a writer, music can be a great source of inspiration. One good trick is to listen to some of your favorite songs and try to imagine some kind of scenario or scene as it plays. While you’re imagining this scene, you can start writing it out on paper, or quickly write a little note for yourself if you don’t have the time to write at that moment. Remember to write the name of the song for later use.

3. Work on a different project

Working on the same story project for an extended period of time can sometimes be lack luster and become tiresome. Instead of trying to finish that story as soon as possible, put it on the back burner and do a few small side projects in the meantime. Perhaps, as you were writing the original story, you thought of little side events that couldn’t fit into the story line. Take some time out to flesh out those events and give your story more depth; although those events weren’t originally planned, they could be good ideas for a spin off story, or even an alternate scene in the final product. It’s even possible that those ideas could become the new main story line.

4.Read other people’s work

One of the best ways to find inspiration is to look to others. There’s always somebody out there who has some kind of stories you’d like to read or has a writing style you find interesting. Close your writing book, or save your file if you’re typing your stories, and go out and see if your favorite author or novelist has put out anything new recently. Read some of your favorite works from before to let your mind focus on their work instead of your own for a bit. While you’re reading, try seeing if there was something in those stories that you like and see if something similar will work in your own stories.

5. Just take a break

Believe it or not, but sometimes that Writer’s Block you’re having might actually be there for a different reason. It’s not that you’re ideas, but because you’re simply burnt out mentally. Writing the same thing over a long period of time can wear down a person’s mental flow and make it hard for them to get their ideas out. All you need to do is put all of the writing material away for a bit and do something else for a while. Try out a new hobby you’ve been meaning to try, or go out to the new restaurant that opened up a few blocks away. Doing all those may give you ideas to write about, but you’re just taking a break for a while. Once you come back, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to get those ideas out.

Just like everything else, being a writer has its ups and downs. There are times where your ideas just come out rapidly and you’re able to get it all out, while sometimes, you’re at a lost. Writer’s Block is one of those downs you’ll face but it’s one that can easily be dealt with. It happens to everybody.

Once I have a thought that I want to do something with, I'll remember it. I may not always get to it right then and there, but I'll get around to it if I like it.

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