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Etsy Hunt – Custom Leather Zelda Gear

Custom journal covers, Zelda hand bags and laptop cases await you at this Etsy shop

The Legend of Zelda is cherished by its fans for it sense of adventure and fantasy exploration. That spirit is held strongly in this collection of items for sale by Etsy creator SkinzNhydez. 

Offering custom-made leather costume pieces and accessories, this seller is a nerds dream. Fast crafting and great quality, don’t let the price shy you away if you can afford your ideal accessory. We were drawn to this shop by its Zelda items.






With Journal covers, 3ds Cases and wallets. the Zelda fan wont be disappointed by
SkinzNhydez quality of work. Make sure to check them out for other collections such as Star Wars and Marvel Comics.

We will see you the next time we Etsy Hunt!


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