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Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash: Putting the “FAN” Back in Fantasy

Swords! Magic! Goblins! Economics! Oh my!

What purpose do we have in a world where we don’t know what do and we don’t remember anything about ourselves?  Join the military, of course! Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash follows a group of intrepid young adventurers of  the Volunteer Soldier Squad, first arriving in the world after waking up in a strange mausoleum with no recollection of who they were. All they do remember is one word: “Awaken”.


Jokes aside, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash feels like another anime that no one seems to be talking about even though its art style is beautiful, blending anime style characters with an almost pastel art book backdrop. And the story is more than just heart wrenching. Maybe it’s something to do with the over-saturation of “Wake up in another world” anime, but this is one that should be watched!


It might feel a bit slow at the start because of exposition; the anime follows a trend of rising action wit the first couple of minutes dedicated to exposition followed by a conflict then a resolution which is mixed fairly well and keeps watchers interested throughout.
Some of the more recent episodes are a little bit slower but it’s due to the arch climax and possible ending that’s right around the corner.


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