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Top 5 Games Left with Unresolved Cliffhangers

Will these games ever get their next chapter?




While technically finished in the comic it was based on, XIII‘s plot was one filled with intrigue and all matter of twists and turns to keep people playing this cell shaded beauty. Playing as an amnesiac who awakens wounded in New York with a tattooed “XIII” on his wrist, you control Jason Fly as he fights members of an organization named “XX” and figure out why he looks just like the killer of the recently assassinated President of the United States. In a cliffhanger ending, it leaves the fate, the future of XIII, and even more important, the exact motives of “XX’ in the air as this gaming gem did not see returns great enough to warrant a sequel. Check out an English translation of the Belgian comic if you can. It’s very much worth the read, but won’t give the exact ending the game was building up for.

4– Beyond Good and Evil


With a sequel teased again and again, fans have been left in a limbo as they wait for a continuation to this beloved financial bombshell. Between teasers, ambiguous answers from the devs behind it, and even a re-release for the Xbox Live arcade, who knows if Ubisoft will ever let us return and see the next chapter of Jade and Pey’j’s story.

3- Prince of Persia


This reboot was also met with mixed reviews as it had a more playful, Harrison Ford-Nathan Drake rouge character aired with the a determined partner, Elika. This game had a unique world all its own. Following the cell shaded duo through an adventure that forced them to work together, the game ends with the entire world being over taken by a literal tide of darkness, an event triggered by an act of love; the prince doomed the world to bring his new found love back.

And that is it, the game ends there. It was suppose to be a new continuum, the set up to an epic but due to its mixed responses the only thing to follow was a Nintendo DS game that didn’t really continue the story much and you could tell was just meant to join the first and second game, acting more like a bridge to set up the next game.

2- Half Life 2: Episode 2


Lost in the limbo of unannounced and much wanted continuation, this game’s next chapter has a lot of fan demand. (Demand being a calm word for the mix of hype, want, wait, and pure belief.) Keep in mind that there are games included on this list that might possibly receive a sequel given enough of a chance, but with Half-Life and its episodes, the years have passed. Many years have passed. Many years and supposed leaks have come and gone and still no news on this game’s due sequel that has hints and plot points from Valve’s other hit series, Portal. The excitement just keeps building along with the anticipation that seems to serve no ends as another year passes without news.

1- MegaMan Legends 2


This game’s sequel was suppose to be a launch title for the Nintendo 3DS and include fan created characters and enemies. Leaving Megaman on the moon of this game’s world, this game’s ending was both an emotional and triumphant moment as both his allies and former enemies work together to rescue him from the moon.

Where he remains 16 years later.

Citing a lack of fan excitement and involvement, something most of the fans of the franchise scoff as developer Capcom continued making excuses, the game was cancelled. You can still find impressive demo footage floating around the web if you know where to look and there is still fan hope that one day, this trilogy will have a proper end.





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