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Things Got Strange – The Unspoken Street Fighter Movie

Let's discuss the Street Fighter movie that had Goku from Dragon Ball Z in it.

There have been too many attempts to cash in on the Street Fighter games to count. From card games, to anime, to incredibly boring live action movies that have barely anything happening in it that relates to the source material.

Now, despite all the infamy of those, let’s talk about the one movie nobody knows about. It has time travel, a Super Mario level, Guile singing, and even Goku from Dragon Ball Z joining in to help defeat M.Bison.


That’s right: we are talking about Future Cops!

The year is 1993 and Hong Kong born writer and director, Wong Jing, wants to make a Street Fighter movie. Capcom naturally has no interest in releasing a movie under a director that’s not internationally known, especially since the official movie is due to be released only next year.

This was pretty strange too.

Instead of giving up he just made a movie anyway. That movie was Future Cops.


Changing a few of the names but none of  the looks, the movie starts off in the somewhat distant future. A criminal boss has been arrested and has sent his evil minions into the past to kill the judge prosecuting him while the judge is still a whiny teenager.


Leaving series favorite Ryu behind, Guile, Dhalsim and Vega journey back in time, befriending the judge’s younger self. They hang around him at school with, of course, the wacky jokes being set up that they help this loser become the future judge he ends up being. This of course includes a date in a Super Mario arcade machine, Guile having a musical number and a foot race won only cause Dhalsim’s yoga flame burns the young judge in the butt.

The film rewards the viewers with the appearance of Bison and the added help of Chun Li, another Chun Li (the mother of the first Chun Li for some reason…) and Blanka who transforms into a giant exercise ball.

Oh and the judge reaches his full potential, as expected, and changes into Goku because why not?

This scene even includes a poorly copied version of the original Dragon Ball Z opening

The film ends with the team running a bomb through M.Bison’s chest and blowing him up.

With the film adding on a teaser for a next film never made, one of the characters warns that the Super Saiyans are due to attack the Earth soon.

Was it weird? Yes. Is it good? Yes? It is hard to not end up laughing as this film can’t decide what it wants to be and rips so much from the things that were popular in the early 90’s Hong Kong gamer culture.

Had to show this pic one more time sorry…

I say if you can find a service streaming it and some friends to watch it with, you sit down and enjoy just how strange it got.



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