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First 3 Fallout DLCs Announced Alongside Season Pass Price Increase

Ready to venture deeper into the wasteland?

Bethesda has released the first details of the Fallout 4’s first 3 DLCs. These announcements come with the announcement that the season passes will have its price increased from $29.99 USD to $49.99 USD on March 1st,2016. Those who purchased the Pass before hand need not worry; you will get all the new DLC at no new cost. Also announced was that they are hard at work on the Mod tools that will allow for everyone to download and play mods on both PC and the console versions.

The first DLC, Automatron, is priced at $9.99 USD and dated for a March 2016 release. It has us facing off against a threat called the Machinist. Releasing a new batch of robots you tackle this new menace and get the opportunity to build your own robots from what the game promises to be hundreds of mods as you mix and match parts. It will even allow you to change their voices and paint schemes.




The next DLC announced and being released April 2016 for $4.99 USD is called Wasteland Workshop. It will allow us to capture live creatures included Deathclaws and Raiders. You then tame them (questioning how that works with the raiders) and can release them upon the world or even make your own death arena. Though, for those proud settlement builders out there, this DLC is coming with a plethora of new design options from new sign pieces to lighting and much more.




Far Harbor is the last DLC in this first batch of announcements and promises to be the largest DLC space that Bethesda has ever created. Priced at $24.99 USD, this mysterious new area of the wasteland promises all new horrors and creatures to see as the player travels to the distant Far Harbor where everyone’s favorite synth, Nick Valentine, has a new case. The player gets dragged into a 3-way battle between The Children of Atom, Synths and the local “normal” populace.



Exciting times are ahead for all wasteland explorers! Make sure to look our for more DLC announcements from Bethesda and for those PC players your can sign up to be in the beta for these add ons at Bethesda’s website.



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