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How to Plan an Actual Deadpool Movie Date

Get Ready for this Valentine's Day the Merc With The Mouth Way!

There are two kinds of people: those who laugh at the Deadpool Valentine’s Day jokes and those who are actually going to take their special someone to see the movie for that big day. If you’re in the second category, we’ve found a few things to help you make that day even more magical, whether they’re a Deadpool fan or not.

1. Do Some Planning


If you’re going to woo/trick your special someone properly, you need to have a structured but flexible idea of what you will be doing throughout the day because it shows that you actually thought about this. That’s the most important thing, besides seeing the movie. Figure out what your date likes and just throw some Deadpool in there.

2. Get Dressed Up


It’s a movie date, but it’s a date. Look nice. Give them an excuse to look nice by telling them beforehand that you’re going hard body. They’ll notice.


Available here

Look as sharp as katanas.


Available here

Be as glamorous as Deadpool in a dress.


Available here

Or as flirty as Deadpool when he’s around, well, mostly everyone. You can also just wear red, black, and a little bit of white, if you actually tricked someone into seeing this movie.

3. Give Them Romantic Stuff


Get some red roses, wrap them in black tissue paper, and add a white ribbon. Easy, classic, and subtle. Give them to them when you first see them. Here’s some help from Instructables if you have no idea what you’re doing.


If you are able to, you can make them breakfast in bed. Seriously, it’s worth it. We highly suggest pancakes.


Available here.

If you can’t make them breakfast in bed, get creative and make some baked goods the night before.


Available here.

Or make your own box of chocolates in this silicone tray with the help of Instructables. Or ask someone who can actually sort of make food. Present the roses and either one of these food related gifts. They’ll be swooning so much, they’re either consider you a nerdy Casanova or they’ll really believe the romantic Deadpool ads are accurate.

4. Kill Time Before the Movie


Now, this is a good time to go to the movie. But you don’t have to rush. If it isn’t too cold, sit in a park and let your date eat their gifts or walk around with their roses as you talk about, well, anything. If you’re really blessed weather-wise, you could always have a picnic. But if it’s way too cold, just make a blanket fort or relax indoors until you have to go outside and watch the most romantic movie of this year.

5. Hang out After the Movie


After you’ve seen the movie, go out for Mexican food. Not Taco Bell. They don’t even have chimichangas. You could also get adventurous and see if there are any restaurants in your area that offer Canadian cuisine (yes, it’s a thing). You could also just ask your date what they want to eat. The main dinner topic should be what your date thought of the movie.

If they already understood all of your little hints throughout the day, congratulations, you’ve been on a date with a nerd! If they didn’t know about Deadpool beforehand, but are now interested in him, that’s great! More Deadpool dates await you! But if they actually get upset that they weren’t taken to a more romantic movie, leave them because you actually took them on a proper date in a Netflix and Chill era. Let Deadpool be your bae for the day; after all, he is pansexual.

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