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Black Desert Online: Character Creator

With impressive tools like this, Black Desert Online is the PC game to be excited for!

Black Desert Online, a game developed by Pearl Abyss, has caught the attention of a few gamers and for good reason: it’s pretty fun. The world and lore are nice and most of all, it’s pretty on the eyes. Set in a high fantasy world the plot follows the conflict between two nations, The Kingdom of Valencia and the Republic of Calpheaon. The combat is action oriented, requiring aiming skills and attacks in the same vein as TERA and Vindictus. A side note for those of us that like support classes, Black Desert Online currently does not have a healing class and players must rely on timed dodges or blocking and copious amounts of potions.

There are some really nice presets that come along with each character type.

Black Desert Online has been out in Korea since 2014 and is slated for Release in the US and EU during 2016, but you can get a head start on a really vital part of the game right now! Black Desert Online has just released their character creator as is very own stand alone!



This is fantastic for those players that take forever to design the look of their character since they can get started now. For the players who want to heavily customize their characters in precise detail, in addition to sliders you can modify various regions of the body to give your character just the right look that fits your tastes.

I’m sure people will come up with better poses then me.


Along side the ability to see what your character will look like in the various gear that’s available in game, there is a manual character pose manipulator you can use to get some unique poses.


Just a quick note, each character class has their own base model for you to tool around with! You can get the character creation standalone to play around with HERE!

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