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Upgrade Your Winter Equipment

LED Nintendo Power Glove? Yes please!

Fashion wise, you probably have been the envy of your fandom every season. But Winter, the final boss, seems to be cramping everyone’s nerd style. You may have accepted that you’ll just spend the entire season wearing your nerd gear underneath your winter wear because you’d rather be warm than look cool. Have no fear; in the RPG that is your life, we are the shopkeeper offering you equipment upgrades that will have you looking great and feeling warm.


Tardis Boot Slippers


Because you don’t want your toes to get so cold, your body ends up regenerating.


Naruto Akatsuki Leggings


Layer your legs in style, even if you’re not trying to seal a demon with any amount of tails…


Dragonball Z Leggings


…Or just collect the Dragon Balls and wish for it to be warmer.


Totoro Handwarmers


These rice filled hand warmers are perfect for commuting on public transportation, cat bus or not.


Star Wars Fleece Infinity Scarf


Cold weather, carbonite. Try to avoid either form of freezing.


Harley Quinn Beanie


Because your goth/emo phase is also selling Harley Quinn boot slippers, scarves, and gloves. In case you, just can’t get enough of her.


Deadpool Slippers


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Speaking of your goth/emo phase, Spencer’s currently has a great selection of indoor footwear right now.


Harry Potter Bedding Set


It comes in either full or twin, depending on if you still live in the cupboard under the stairs or not…


Harry Potter Hat and Scarf Set


…But when you get your letter, definitely get this set. You can also pick a scarf depending on your house…


Game of Thrones Stark Scarf


…Or pick up another scarf, depending on your other favorite house.


LED Nintendo Power Glove


We can’t guarantee this will keep you warm, but this is definitely worth having in your inventory.

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