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Anime NYC 2022 – Blerdcon

An inclusive space where Blerds shine!

Community is important. It is a foundation for understanding who you are in a broader sense. People to share, communicate, and experience the things you enjoy. Being a Blerd (Black+Nerd), I can say that the journey can be difficult. Entering my teens in the early 2000s, I found pursuing certain geeky hobbies carried me far from home. Being a Blerd always felt like a struggle to meet and connect with people like me who also shared my interests, And that’s why I not only understand the importance of BlerdCon, but am excited to tell you about it!

Blerdcon 2019 Cosplay Showcase by Micah Moore via

Celebrate Blerd excellence, culture, and the importance of their role in overall nerdom at BlerdCon!

Blerdcon is a convention that highlights Blerd culture and contributions, while staying inclusive of POC, Disabled, LGBTQ, Women, and International community members! A weekend of panels, concerts, cosplay, gaming, and more, it celebrates all that it means to be a Blerd while maintaining a positive and inclusive environment. Much of Blerdcon’s events are submitted by the community letting voices, usually not heard, speak about the topics they love.

The info is universal, while the voices are black.

The planned events include:

  • Panels
  • Celebrity Guests
  • Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Gaming Tournaments
  • Cosplay Contests
  • Cosplay Guests
  • Music and Dance
  • Anime Screenings
  • Maid Cafe
  • Comedy Show
  • and more!!

The convention even has barbershop, meaning you get the freshest of cuts to perfectly complete your cosplay!

A place for people who are often forgotten in nerd spaces to feel at home!

Blerdcon’s message is powerful and honest. A space where Blerds can finally feel at home, this three day convention is open 24-hours, meaning there is always something to experience!

Each Blerdcon is themed as a way to show Blerd involvement in different subcultures and genres. 2023’s event is titled Blerdcon: Fae’d to Black and will have a fae theme.

Blerdcon’s Hilton George @ Anime NYC 2022

Blerdcon 2023 is set for July 7-9th at the Hyatt Crystal City Hotel in Arlington, VA. Tickets are available now. And stay tuned to the official site for the latest updates, guest announcements, panel news, and more!

Anime NYC 2022 may be over, but stay tuned as we share all the cool booths, cosplays, and more! And save the date, Anime NYC 2023 is set for November 17-19!

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