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Anime NYC 2022 – Apari

Distinct looks for your everyday!

The apparel of Apari is daring, unique, and comfortable. An independent artwear brand, their pieces are high quality and cozy, with spectacular artwork & designs adorning each one!

Apari’s pieces are original work done by an amazingly talented artist with a passion for art and fashion– the brand is high quality clothes with a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Original art and official licensed merch means the apparel, accessories, and homegoods of Apari will have you staying cute and chic!

Apari’s catalog includes t-shirts, sweats, hoodies, bags, and more!

Apari’s expert talent for original and creative looks gives their official Hatsune Miku and The Trash Taste Podcast collaborations amazing vibes!

Complete your next outfit or try a new look! Apari’s pieces are distinct and fun.

We absolutely adore their apparel and know you will too!

Apari @ Anime NYC 2022

You can browse Apari’s full catalog by setting sail for their official site. For the latest updates and news about their upcoming convention appearances, you can follow them on Instagram.

Anime NYC 2022 may be over, but stay tuned as we share all the cool booths, cosplays, and more! And save the date, Anime NYC 2023 is set for November 17-19!

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