The “Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor” English dub heads to HIDIVE later this month!

The English dub of the popular gambling anime!

(Featured Image Source: HIDIVE / KODANSHA LTD., ©Nobuyuki Fukumoto / © DNDP, VAP, Madhouse)

The English dub of Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor is heading to HIDIVE later this month, letting anime fans experience a thrilling gambling tale!

“Unemployed degenerate Kaiji Ito spent his time drinking, gambling, and racking up bills, and was sure that his life had hit rock bottom. Then that bottom fell out when Endo the Loan Shark arrived to inform him of a friend’s default on a loan that Kaiji foolishly co-signed, making Kaiji responsible for a soul crushing 3,000,000 yen! But there is one possible way out; if Kaiji goes to a secret gambling ship and plays successfully for one night, his debt could be absolved. It’s a trick, of course, but what choice does Kaiji have? Trapped into playing a series of increasingly ruthless contests that are hopelessly rigged against the players, Kaiji finds himself a pawn in a competition where the game pieces aren’t expected to survive… and the real players are all actively betting against KAIJI!”


Kaiji is a manga series written and illustrated by Nobuyuki Fukumoto. An action series with a focus on gambling, Kaiji is the story of the lazy and crass Kaiji Itō who, after agreeing to a mysterious gambling challenge to pay off the debts of a co-worker, finds himself pulled into the dangerous world of high-stake gambling. Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor is the anime adaption of the first part of the manga series. It is directed by Yuzo Sato, produced by Toshio Nakatani & Manabu Tamura, written by Hideo Takayashiki, with music by Hideki Taniuchi, and animation by Studio Madhouse.

The English dub of Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor will premier later this month on HIDIVE, with its first nine episodes becoming available to stream on Monday, November 28, 2022.

(Source: HIDIVE)

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