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Take a trip back to the 90s at Crunchyroll’s Anime Y2K Party!

Party like it's 1999...again!

(Featured Image Source: Crunchyroll)

Get your trapper keeper, Tamagotchi, and Gameboy ready for a nostalgic experience as Crunchyroll is hosting a 90s-themed party during this Anime NYC weekend!

Crunchyroll’s Anime Y2K Party is an 18+ event that will transport partygoers back to the Akihabara, Tokyo nightclub scene circa 1999! Anime series trailers, photo ops, and games accompanied by DJs straight from Akihabara, Crunchyroll will dress Midtown Manhattan’s Terminal 5 in the style, aesthetics, and sounds of the best decade: The 90s!

Featured DJ’s Include:

D-YAMA: opened MOGRA in 2009. Since then he has brought MOGRA’s anime club scene to an international audience through tours in US and Germany, as well as Twitch streams 
DJ WILDPARTY: is a Japanese DJ and resident DJ at MOGRA, he has partnered with various vocaloid talent and his tracks have been featured in THE IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE!
TEDDYLOID: A Japanese electronic music producer and DJ. He is known for producing many songs on the soundtrack of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, which charted on the Oricon Albums Chart. He has performed on stages all over the world with notable performances at Ultra Japan and Anime Expo. 
JVNA: Playing at the dichotomy of light and dark, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist JVNA produces electronic pop with a melodic bass edge. She emerged in 2016 with anime and video game themed covers alongside her originals. Her first album was released in 2021, mixing pop, rock, melodic bass with honest and emotional lyrics.

A great lineup of musical artists to celebrate the end of the 90s (again) with!

Crunchyroll Presents Anime Y2K Party will be held on Saturday, November 19th, at NYC’s Terminal 5, with doors opening at 7 PM and the show starting at 9 PM. Tickets are available now!


Like anime? Anime NYC powered by Crunchyroll 2022 is set for November 18-20th! Check out the official site to grab your ticket, learn more about exhibitors & attending guests, and what awaits you at Anime NYC!

And stay tuned to Nerdier Tides as we get you ready for it!

(Source: Anime NYC)

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