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There is still time to enter the Anime NYC 2022 AMV contest!

Anime NYC wants your AMVs!

Anime NYC 2022 is set for this November, and those who participate in the timeless art of Animation Music Video (AMV) creation still have a chance to enter this year’s AMV Contest!

AMVs are fan-created videos, taking clips and moments from series, films, games, and beyond to turn them into fun experiences. Entrees will be judged by a panel, with tip entrees being screened and voted on by an Audience at the convention. This year’s Anime NYC AMV contest has a wide selection of genre options, giving creators the chance to participate!

The AMV Genres:

  • Trailer – AMVs set to parody or otherwise utilize commercials, trailers, or other promotional media as the audio source for the video
  • Action/Adventure – Videos that center on fast paced scenes and exhilarating moments in animation.
  • Romance – Videos that focus on more emotional sentiments such as romance, platonic expression, character growth, etc.
  • Drama – Videos that focus on more serious or thrilling moods and stories.
  • Upbeat – Videos that are energizing, uplifting, and overall fun for the viewer.
  • Comedy/Parody – Videos that make us laugh.
  • AMV Shorts – A free for all fun for all, we will accept all short AMVs that adhere to our rules that have a minimum of 15 seconds, and a max of 1 minute. TikTokers welcome! Note: At least 5 AMV shorts will be showcased in the contest with one video being chosen by the judges as best overall AMV short.

Participants have until September 24th, 2022, by 11:59 PM Eastern, with a status update about their AMV being given by October 10th, 2022 (AMVs must not be presented to the public before October 24th, 2022). Finalists and judges will be given one complimentary three-day badge for the event if they are chosen.

An exciting contest for those who love AMV creation. You can get more information and signup/submit at

(Source: Anime NYC)

Anime NYC 2022 Powered By Crunchyroll is set for November 18-20 at the Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan. Badges for Friday and Sunday are still available.

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