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Flame Con 2022: Sad Gay Comics by Liam

Romance comics for a new era.

With a title that is 100% a mood, Sad Gay Comics by Liam Donnelly lives up to its name and is so much more! Comics that are emotionally charged and relatable, they are the experience of love, dating, and romance in a new era!

Making engaging and empathetic stories, no one can say they haven’t been in the place of these characters or have experienced something similar. Donnelly’s stories show that the painful journey of trying to find love is ultimately universal and worth it.


“Two stories in one!
Vinnie is absolutely HEAD OVER HEELS for this guy he went on a date with the other night.
Horace was NOT FEELING it on his date.
Unfortunately, they were… the same date. Both boys separately talk about their shared evening together in this reflection on the ups and downs of dating in your twenties. (12 pages; pink paper)”

Hey, Babe!

“Peter’s five-year relationship with Rahul has recently opened up, and he’s still not sure that’s a good thing. As Peter goes through the motions with his latest hookup, his insecurities start to spill out of him—Has his relationship with Rahul simply run its course? (2019; 20 pages; full color.)”

How Are You Holding Up?

“A print edition of the complete Instagram webcomic!
Murray just got dumped by his boyfriend, Harper, and talking about it is the LAST thing he wants to do. But whether he’s on a run or at a joint lesbian birthday party, Murray can’t seem to avoid his friends’ questions about the breakup—or the fact that Harper ripped Murray’s sweet lil’ heart out of his chest.
So how is Murray holding up? He doesn’t fucking know. But maybe he’ll find out. (68 pages/full color.)”

Relatable stories of love and heartbreak in the 2020s, these comics are entertaining looks at how dating can be the f*cking worse but is ultimately worth it.

Liam Donnelly @ Flame Con 2022

You can check out Donnelly’s full catalog of available comics by heading to their Etsy. See the latest updates by heading to

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