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Flame Con 2022: Disintegral

A supernatural thriller filled with mystery and paranoia.

What if you unknowingly and preternaturally sparked emotions in others? Push a drive or feeling onto them. And what if that feeling was one of violence? That is the premise of Kyle Styron’s novel Disintegral.

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“Jed Haele is a sexy writer of gory and bizarre fiction with a loyal following of readers who crave his schlock. He has completed two novels and is desperately seeking a compelling new subject for his third. When he meets the entertainingly insane Shane Lasch, Jed feels he has found an inspiring subject for his new book. Shane becomes convinced that Jed is an unconscious telepathic “Destroyer” who spontaneously triggers violence in strangers. As Jed exploits Shane for material and confronts these allegations, he slowly realizes that Shane may be a threat. The truth behind this paranoia exposes a supernatural mystery, as Jed tries to navigate beyond his unethical choices and their consequences.”

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Disintegral is a supernatural thriller that tells the story of someone subconsciously and telepathically triggering violence in others, it is a gripping mystery filled with paranoia and dark secrets. What does it mean when you bring the very worse out of people?

Kyle Styron @ Flame Con 2022

A great book with a preternatural story sure to pull thriller fans in. You can get your copy of Disintegral on Amazon.

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