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Attention! ‘Girls und Panzer der Film’ marches on to Blu-ray later this year!

The sequel to the Girls und Panzer anime series!

(Featured Image Source: Sentai Filmworks)

Get ready for tank vs. tank combat as Girls und Panzer der Film makes its way to Blu-ray later this year!

“When the Ministry of Education goes back on its promise to keep Ooarai Girls Academy open, the task of saving the five-mile-long Academy Ship from the wreckers falls to Miho and her barely-seasoned tankery team. However, things go off track almost immediately. While the Oorai tank crew may have won the high school tournament, they’re now facing a larger and more experienced university team, and if they fail, their armored vehicles will be forfeit! Will they be swapping their tanks for the memories? It’s possible, but winning a tank battle is all about tactics and teamwork, and the fledgling Ooarai students have more friends and allies than anyone suspects. Get ready for another high-caliber round of the only sport where “having a blast” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re having a great time, as the Ooarai team puts everything on the line in GIRLS UND PANZER DER FILM!”

Synopsis vis Sentai Filmworks

Girls und Panzer der Film (also known as Girls und Panzer: The Movie) is a sequel to the 2012 Girls und Panzer anime series. It is directed by Tsutomu Mizushima, with a screenplay by Reiko Yoshida, music by Shirō Hamaguchi, and animation by Actas.

The Blu-ray release includes the movie in English and Japanese with English Subtitles, textless opening & closing animations, and a special Girls und Panzer in (about) 3 Minutes video.

Girls und Panzer (Girls and Tanks) was created by Actas and released in 2012. Set in a world where high school girls practice tank warfare as a sport using WW2 tanks, the series has gotten a lot of praise for its characters, action, and historical warfare accuracy. It has gone on to have several manga adaptions, an anime series and films, OVAs, Light Novels, games, and tie-ins.

Girls und Panzer der Film will be available on October 11, 2022. To learn more and to pre-order your copy, you can set a course for Sentai Filmworks.

You can stream the Girls und Panzer anime series over on HIDIVE.

(Source: Sentai Filmworks)

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