The final volume of ‘Agravity Boys’ is getting released this July!

What will happen to the team in these exciting final chapters!

(Featured Image Source: Atsushi Nakamura / Viz Media / Shueisha / Jump Comics)

The seventh and final volume of the comedy science-fiction series Agravity Boys is getting released this July, wrapping up the fun & bizarre series.

Atsushi Nakamura / Viz Media / Shueisha / Jump Comics

“The Agravity Boys have finally obtained their very own time machine and are well on their way to saving the Earth when Baba and Arsh accidentally send themselves on a journey to α-Jumbro 100 years in the past! But as things settle down and the boys prepare to enact their world-saving plan, Grislow is given some shocking news—that Chris is, in fact, a boy (and has been the whole time). The shock is so massive that his psyche is sent on an unbelievable journey and is awakened to the mystical art of Penis Magic! And just in time too, considering a giant galaxy-eating monster is coming right for α-Jumbro! Now, Grislow must teach the rest of the boys to awaken their own Penis Magic powers if they want to have any chance of surviving and THEN saving the world!”

via Viz Media

Agravity Boys is a hilarious series following a group of space explorers as they traverse across the universe. The series was written and illustrated by Atsushi Nakamura and published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Agravity Boys volume 7 will be available digitally on July 26, 2022. Available for pre-order now, learn where by taking a trip over to, where you can pick-up the other volumes of the series.


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