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Anime NYC Announces An Official Space For Fans To Offer Their Badges

An official way to offer your event badges to other fans.

(Featured Image Source: © Anime NYC)

Anime NYC has announced today that they will be opening an Official Badge Exchange, allowing fans a controlled, verified, and trustworthy space to offer their badges.

“Please do not buy Anime NYC badges from online auction sites or accounts selling them on social media! Fans have been scammed previously, and Anime NYC is unable to refund fans for fake badges purchased or replace them with real badges. Anime NYC will be opening an official badge exchange in the near future as a way for fans who cannot attend to offer their badges to new fans. All badges provided here will be verified as official and all exchanges secure.”


This is a move to combat the ever-present issue for popular conventions of scalpers and scammers selling fans attempting to participate in the convention overpriced or fake badges. The concern is high this year for Anime NYC, as 3-day badges for the event sold out quickly.

Stay tuned to the official Anime NYC website for more information and to see when the exchange goes live.

Anime NYC 2022 is set for November 18-20 at the Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan. Badges for individual days are still available.


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