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‘Embr’ Launches On Game Pass Today Alongside Free ‘Secret Hosr’ Update

Firefighters vs. Fire-starters

(Featured Image Source: Muse Games / Curve Digital)

Today Xbox Game Pass has gotten a blazing new addition, as multiplayer firefighting sim Embr is now available on the platform, a launch that comes alongside the game’s free new Secret Hosr mode!

The Secret Hosr multiplayer mode is a new game type where players will tackle more dangerous and longer missions, all while one of them is a secret agent of Hosr trying to sabotage your mission! Think you can figure out who is letting the bombs go off on purpose? Who is causing the clients to die? If you think you know what is an accident and what is meant to ruin your mission, you can use your one-time vote to get rid of them… but hope you’re right!

Embr was developed by Muse Games and published by Curve Digital. A multiplayer firefighting sim, teams of players take on the role of firefighters-for-hire, saving clients and putting out fires. Customize and personalize your gear as your journey across stages filled with traps, hazards, and of course, fire.

Embr is available for the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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