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@Anime NYC 2021 – Bellossoms

A blooming adventure!

(Featured Image Source: Erica Swanson / Bellossoms)

Bellossoms has a charm that can’t help but put a huge smile on our faces. Its story and characters are delightful, magical, and captivating, and we can’t wait to see even more of this world!

Created by Erika Swanson, Bellossoms follows a group of flower girls who, after setting out from their magical tree to help a new friend, find themselves journeying out into a world of adventure! Their story becomes one of discovery as they see what is beyond the comfortable place they called home.

Watch as the Bellossoms bloom. A story perfect for young ones, they and the Bellossoms will discover new places and meet new creatures.

Bellossoms is available as a series of books and was later adapted into a great animated series available for free on YouTube.

See the Bellossoms leave the world they knew. Learn what is beyond their tree alongside them.

Bellossoms @ Anime NYC 2021

Check out the Bellossoms YouTube Channel to watch the amazingly fun animated series. You can grab a copy of the first four Bellossoms storybooks and coloring book by heading to Etsy shop (while there, look at the Chibi Mimi Soft Enamel Pin), visit the Bellossoms shop to grab some apparel, and stop by the official site for more links. Follow Bellossom on Twitter and Instagram to see the latest news and conventions they will be attending.

Missed Anime NYC? Check out Anime Frontier running December 3-5 at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Houston, Texas! Head here for more information and to get your ticket!

Anime NYC 2021 may be over, but the date is already set for 2022! Go to to learn more.

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