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@Anime NYC 2021 – Jellymomoshop

Improve your stats with these great fashion picks.

(Featured Image Source: Jellymomoshop)

Jellymomoshop is an aesthetic clothing brand that we just know anime fans (so you guys) are just going to love!

The artist behind Jellymomo describes it as a selection of apparel and accessories of original art and fan art pieces as a mix of kawaii and edgelord, and it all looks so delightful.

Finally, we can lord some edges while also staying cute AF!

A great selection of original pieces and unique fan art, pick from anime, gaming, and pop culture inspire streetwear pieces.

Yes. Yes, we are.

If you are heading to Anime NYC 2021, you can check out the Jellymomoshops booth(#1948).

Jellymomoshop @ Anime NYC 2021

Can’t make it to the convention? Go to the Jellymomoshop Etsy to see what pieces are currently available.

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