RWBY Anthology Mini-Series “RWBY: Fairy Tales” Announced!

Learn more about the world of Remnant!

(Featured Image: Rooster Teeth)

Rooster Teeth has announced RWBY: Fairy Tales, a new anthology mini-series set to expand the world of RWBY!

RWBY was originally created by the late Monty Oum, and is set in the fantastical world of Remnant, where evil creatures known as the “Grimm,” ravage the land. It is up to Hunters, wielders of amazing elemental weapons, to protect those who can not protect themselves. Follow team RWBY, four very different girls who strive to be the best, as they team-up and train to become Huntresses! The series celebrated its 100th episode earlier this year.

RWBY: Fairy Tales will expand the world of Remnant further, looking at the tales and stories from the various cultures of its world.

RWBY: Fairy Tales will premiere October 30th for Rooster Teeth FIRST Members and October 31st for everyone else.

Check out RWBY so that you can join in on the adventures of Ruby, Weiss, Yang, Blake, and their friends, as they face-off against the Grimm. Head over to Rooster Teeth First to see the latest episodes, behind the scene special videos, and catch up from the beginning of their journey.

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