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The ‘Mega Man Battle Network’ Inspired ‘Hero.EXE’ Has Already Met Its Kickstarter Goal!

The game was fully funded in only 2 days!

(Featured Image Source: Mystery Egg Games)

The Kickstarter for Hero.EXE, an impressive game inspired by Mega Man Battle Network, Fire Emblem, and more, has already met its goal after two days!

Hero.EXE is a card collecting action-RPG visual novel indie game coming from Mystery Egg Games. In it, players will journey across the digital world of the Grid, a fantastical form of the internet where they choose a digital being called an A.V.A (Artificial Virtual Assistants) and face off against enemies and challenges. Survive each encounter and make choices that will affect your A.V.A. as you take on the Grid’s powerful Monarchs.

The game uses a real-time grid-based combat system, where you control your A.V.A., dodging devastating attacks while using the game’s compile system to draw cards and unleash powerful codes to use in battle.

The game will feature the voices of Madeline Dorroh, Anairis Quinones, Brendan Blaber, Kayli Mills, Melissa Media, and Kdin Jenzen. The soundtrack for Hero.EXE is produced by Matt Sandstrom and several guest composers.

Stretch Goals Include:

Meeting its Kickstarter goal, the campaign is currently offering some impressive stretch goals.

Hero.EXE will be available PC, Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

The Hero.EXE Kickstarter campaign ends on October 21, 2021. Head here to learn more and to back it. You can try the demo for the game by heading to Steam or

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