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Soulja Boy Claimed That He Owns Atari; Atari Says He Doesn’t

Atari CEO Wade Rosen is still reportedly majority stockholder.

(Featured Image Source: Atari)

Rapper Soulja Boy has claimed that he was on track to own Atari, a claim that Atari has denied via Twitter.

Soulja Boy has become notorious for his attempts to enter the game industry, but his recent attempt is drawing a lot of raised eyebrows. His claim that he was the owner of Atari and that they were interested in his Soulja Boy Console, has brought attention back to the performer from gamers. Atari was quick to refute this on Twitter, stating that Wade Rosen is still CEO of the decades-old gaming company (as well as reportedly its majority stockholder).

Soulja responded via Instagram Live, saying “F**K this contract, F**K Atari” while he seemed to have this “contract” with him, that stated he would be paid in Atari Tokens, Atari’s cryptocurrency.

Most gaming and music fans seem to believe Atari’s side in this matter, given Soulja Boy’s recent string of debunked claims. Others (who seem to not understand the way company stewardship and stock work) support his story.

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