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The Crunchyroll Loves X JUJUTSU KAISEN Collection Is A Stylish Celebration Of The Series!

A great collection of apparel for fans of the series.

(Featured Image Source: Crunchyroll)

Get ready to fight off curses with these stylish JUJUTSU KAISEN pieces joining the Crunchyroll Loves line.

A limited-edition line of clothing and accessories themed after the hit series, these pieces will let everyone know you are a JUJUTSU KAISEN fan.

Yuji Itadori No Regrets T-Shirt

Yuji Itadori and Sukuna Key Art T-Shirt

Sukuna and the Cursed Finger T-Shirt

Satoru Gojo Special Grade Jujutsu Sorcerer Crew Sweatshirt

Yuji Itadori’s Proper Death Long Sleeve

Choose Your Hell Key Art Hoodie

 Megumi Fushiguro’s Shikigami Long Sleeve

Jujutsu Kaisen Logo Beanie

This is just the latest addition to Crunchyroll Loves, Crunchyroll’s in-house streetwear brand. It has featured crossovers with numerous fan-favorite series, franchises, and creators. Previous collections have included RWBYMegan Thee StallionOne Piece, and more!

The Crunchyroll Loves X JUJUTSU KAISEN Collection is available for pre-order exclusively from the Crunchyroll Store until September 6, 2021. Make sure to pre-order soon, because like all other Crunchyroll Loves tie-ins, once the pre-sale ends, the collection will no longer be available.

JUJUTSU KAISEN is available to stream both subtitled and dubbed on Crunchyroll.

(Source: Crunchyroll)

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