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Mobile Co-op Fantasy RPG ‘Mitrasphere’ Is Now Available!

Take to the skies in this stunning RPG!

(Featured Image: Crunchyroll Games / Bank of Innovation, Inc.)

Crunchyroll Games’ Mitrasphere, an amazing mobile co-op fantasy RPG, is now available! So get ready for a beautiful stylized adventure in the sky!

Mitrasphere ‘s release is done through a partnership with Crunchyroll Games, the game’s developer Bank of Innovation, Inc., and JetSynthesys who will manage the game’s live-ops. In Mitrasphere you will customize your character, switching whenever you want between looks and avatars, as well as the game’s five classes.

Crunchyroll Games / Bank of Innovation, Inc.
Crunchyroll Games / Bank of Innovation, Inc.

Mitrasphere’s Classes:

  • Swordsman – “A high-damage dealing class that specializes in sword and dual sword skills. Swordsmen offer the highest single-target damage output and a knack for flair.”
  • Guardian – “The quintessential frontliner and premier tank. The Guardian is your go-to for taking heat and protecting the backline while staying immaculate.”
  • Cleric – “The healer with its own armory of powerful area-of-effect abilities and the unique power of revival. Keep your allies up in raids, and destroy monsters on the side.”
  • Archer – “The buff, debuff, and damage specialist. Archers are the masters of the bow but also dual sword-wielding experts. Having an Archer on your team can be the difference between an easy battle and a close victory.”
  • Mage – “The explosive AOE and burst damage spell renderer that can safely build up their special ability from the backline. Mages are essential when dealing with multiple enemies.”
Crunchyroll Games / Bank of Innovation, Inc.

Journey with your party across the world of Mitrasphere in parties of up to five, taking on powerful opponents, unlocking legendary weapons. Enjoy Mitrasphere’s wide variety of battles and raids:

Crunchyroll Games / Bank of Innovation, Inc.
  • Main Story: Overcome fate’s obstacles as you journey across Mitrasphere in a resistance against the Heavens. The Main Story includes numerous chapters of a tale against all odds.
  • Boss Battles: Team up with friends and other adventurers to defeat dozens of difficult bosses with challenging abilities and legendary drops. 
  • Ancient Raids: Not all raids are alike. Strap on your best gear as you will need to come together with fellow adventurers to tackle monsters of varying stripes with great effort and excitement.
  • Events: Games are at their best when they offer something fresh at every turn. With a plethora of unique events, players can look forward to frequent new experiences.
Crunchyroll Games / Bank of Innovation, Inc.

All of this presented in the games amazing art style!

Crunchyroll Games / Bank of Innovation, Inc.

Mitrasphere has received over 100,000 pre-registrants unlocking player rewards including 800 Sea Crystals, a 4-star Magic Device “Heroic Upa”, and a free special 10-pull with a guaranteed 4-star weapon.

Mitrasphere was released in Japan in 2017, earning 7 million downloads.

Mitrasphere is available now on iOS and Android devices.

Do you like anime? Then you will want to check out Virtual Crunchyroll Expo 2021, an online anime convention coming to screens August 6-7th! You can head to the official site to learn more.

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