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This New Toru Hagakure Figure Is The Most Accurate Collectible Ever Made

The invisible hero-in-training will take center stage on your shelf!

(Featured Image: Bones / Kōhei Horikoshi / Weekly Shonen Jump / Funimation / McFarlane Toys)

My Hero Academia’s invisible hero-in-training Toru Hagakure has received a new amazingly accurate figure, thanks to Funimation and McFarlane Toys!

Funimation / McFarlane Toys

An amazingly detailed figure, it is the ultimate recreation of an anime character. It perfectly recreates Toru Hagakure on a level no other anime figure can claim.

via Funimation

The Toru Hagakure figure is available now from Funimation. Head over there to grab yours now and to check out their other anime collectibles.

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3 comments on “This New Toru Hagakure Figure Is The Most Accurate Collectible Ever Made

  1. I wish they had made a clear plastic figurine 🤦🏻‍♀️


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