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‘The Secret Life of Bananyas’ Will Help You Learn More About Banana Dwelling Cats!

Learn more about this mysterious form of cat.

(Featured Image Source: Crunchyroll / Running Press)

Everyone’s favorite banana dwelling cat, Bananya, is back with the release of a new book and merch thanks to a partnership between Crunchyroll and Running Press!

Learn more about these unique cats that live in bananas with thanks to The Secret Life of Bananyas!

Crunchyroll / Running Press

Bananya fans can also add this great Bananya mini kit that includes an absolutely adorable talking figurine and this great sticker book!

Crunchyroll / Running Press

Bananya started as an anime series in 2016 written and directed by Kyō Yatate with animation by studios Gathering and TMS Entertainment. It follows Bananya and his various friends who are also cats living in bananas as they live life in a normal household. The series quickly became an anime community favorite and aired a second season, Bananya and the Curious Bunch. The series has gone on to get numerous products including clothing, bags, hats, accessories, and of course, plushies. Crunchyroll even once filled a 12-foot diameter pool with 804 plushies during a fan-event!

Crunchyroll / Running Press

The Secret Life of Bananyas is available for pre-order now from the Crunchyroll Store as well as Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, eBooks, and bookstores all around the U.S. The Bananya Cat Mini Kit is also available for pre-order from the Crunchyroll Store, Amazon, Target, Walmart, and major bookstores.


Both season one and two of Bananya is available to stream now on Crunchyroll. Head there now to check them out and the rest of their massive collection of anime titles and original programming!

(Source: Crunchyroll)

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