LAIDBACKERS Blu-ray Complete Collection Announced

The "reverse Isekai" film is coming to Blu-ray!

Imagine moving to Kyoto, Japan to help manage a shop all while attending college. Sounds like a lot of stress and pressure, but nothing too outrageous. Now, throw in meeting people and a dog who claim to have been reincarnated from another world into the modern day. That makes the situation go from normal to completely “out of this world.” But that was just the beginning of Kumi’s adventure.

LAIDBACKERS Key Visual – LAIDBACKERS Official Website (

Directed by Hiroyuki Hashimoto, who has been an animator for various animes, including Eureka Seven, Hayate the Combat Butler, and Ikki Tousen, and the anime production by Studio Gokumi, LAIDBACKERS follows the life of Kumi Honamanura. After inheriting a sweets shop from her grandmother, Kumi moves to modern day Kyoto to manage the shop all while attending college to study art. The house above the shop was suppose to be empty, but upon inspection, Kumi finds three girls living there with their dog: Harami, Mai, and K. All three of the girls claim that they were once heroes from a magical world, but were now reincarnated into the modern day, waiting for the demon lord to arrive. And since then, they’ve just been hanging out to pass the time. When the group run into another girl, Ran, she claimed to be the demon lord from a previous life, but messed up her own resurrection, and now wants to help fix what she has wronged. All while doing some demon-hunting along the way, guess who’s going to help the former demon lord? The LAIDBACKERS!

With the original Japanese theatrical release back in April 5th, 2019, LAIDBACKERS is now getting an official Blu-ray disk collection. The disk includes the full-length film (Japanese dub with English subs) and three Japanese promos for it. With a release date of April 13th, 2021, the collection is currently on pre-order on Sentai Filmworks for $20.99.

LAIDBACKERS Blu-ray Cover Art – Sentai Filmworks
LAIDBACKERS Blu-ray Cover & Disk Art – Sentai Filmworks
LAIDBACKERS Blu-ray Back Cover Art – Sentai Filmworks

In case you were still on the fence about the film, check out the original LAIDBACKERS promo trailer for the film release. Aside from showing off the characters, the opening intro was sung by the famous virtual Youtuber, Kizuna Ai!

LAIDBACKERS Official Theatrical Trailer – FlyingDog, Inc

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