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‘Majestic Prince: Genetic Awakening’ Is Now Available On Blu-ray

Time for some space mech battles!

(Featured Image: Seven Arcs, Orange, Sentai Filmworks, Rando Ayamine / Hikaru Niijima)

The Majestic Prince anime film, Majestic Prince: Genetic Awakening, is available now on Blu-ray, thanks to Sentai Filmworks!

“The alien Wulgaru’s last assault against humanity was foiled by the heroic actions of the genetically enhanced humans known as the Evolved Children in their advanced AHSMB battle armor, but now a new attack has been launched against Earth under an even deadlier champion, Diorna, created from the fusion of DNA from two Wulgaru Royals. Unfortunately, Izuru Hitachi, the leader of Team Rabbits who defeated the Wulgaru Royal Jiart, is still out of action and recovering, so the task of marshalling the Majestic Princes and stopping Diorna falls upon the unready shoulders of Toshikazu Asagi. Together with the remaining members of Team Rabbits and the recently created Team Fawn, it’s up to Asagi to hold the line against the most ruthless adversary yet in MAJESTIC PRINCE: GENETIC AWAKENING!”

Majestic Prince began as a manga series written by Rando Ayamine and illustrated by Hikaru Niijima, before later being adapted into an anime. The series takes place in a future where humanity has journeyed to space. Future sciences have led to the creation of genetically enhanced humans called Evolved children, meant to help humanity expand into the stars. That expansion is cut short however, when humanity is attacked by an alien race, causing them to call upon the Enhanced Children to pilot advanced mobile battle suits.

The Majestic Prince: Genetic Awakening Blu-ray comes with the movie and the “Wings to the Future” OVA.

You can get the Majestic Prince: Genetic Awakening Blu-ray by heading to Sentai Filmworks.

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