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Beta Sign-ups Open For Parkour Hero Shooter ‘BulletVille!’

How you move is just as important as how well you aim!

(Featured Image: NOWWA)

BulletVille, an upcoming free-to-play “parkour hero shooter,” has opened up signups for its beta, and gamers should get very excited!

BulletVille takes place on the lawless planet of New Montana, where vast treasures await! Outlaws, robots, cowboys, ninjas, pirates, a super destructive teenager, and other treasure hunters from across the galaxy will use their surroundings and amazing weaponry to take out their opponents.


Traverse across diverse and vibrant stages using double jumps, wall runs, gliding, and more, paying homage to old school shooters, where movement mattered just as much as your aim.

Developer NOWWA promises the game will have a level editor workshop, allowing the community to create their own environments and game modes. A bit more interaction than most shooters, BulletVille looks to want to let it’s community have a bit more control with the creation of a community-driven marketplace allowing users to buy and sell assets and maps that they made.

You can sign-up for the BulletVille Beta by heading to its official site. BulletVille is currently slated to release later this year, with plans to be available for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, The Nintendo Switch, and iOS & Android mobile devices.

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