Crunchyroll Is Releasing Onyx Equinox’s Full Season This Saturday As A Winter Gift!

A way to spend your holiday season.

(Featured Image: Crunchyroll / Crunchyroll Studios Production)

Just in time to delight for the holiday season Crunchyroll has announced that the remaining episodes of its original series Onyx Equinox will be released this Saturday as a Winter Gift for fans! Episodes 6-12 of the series will be released on Crunchyroll on Saturday, December 26, in all its available languages, meaning it’s a gift for fans around the world!

Onyx Equinox is a Crunchyroll Studios Production created by Sofia Alexander and is a Latinx animated series that follows a young Aztec boy named Izel. After being saved from death by gods, Izel is chosen to prove humanity’s potential. Challenges are ahead though allies maybe by his side, Izel will journey across ancient Mesoamerica to save humanity and lose the apathy he has towards others.

(Featured Image: Crunchyroll / Crunchyroll Studios Production)

The series has been a blast to watch, earning community praise for its setting, tone, and amazing cast. Episodes 6-12 will see secrets revealed and new dangers for Izel and his companions as they continue on their journey. Fans of the series should also check out the Onyx Equinox companion podcast hosted by the series creator and showrunner Sofia Alexander.

So whether you are already a fan or is this is your first time diving in, the Onyx Equinox Winter Gift Drop will make for a great binge! The entire first season of Onyx Equinox will be available on Saturday, December 26, on Crunchyroll.

(Source: Crunchyroll)

Need some help to win secret Santa this year? The holiday season is quickly approaching, and Crunchyroll has made it a whole lot easier to shop for your favorite anime fans (including yourself). New snacks, a category for gifts under $25, join guides for decorators, figure collectors, fashion lovers, and more. Let Crunchyroll help you this holiday season.

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