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‘Oxygen Not Included: Spaced Out!’ Is Available Now On Early Access

What awaits among the stars?

(Featured Image: Klei Entertainment)

Oxygen not Included’s Spaced Out! DLC has just landed in Steam Early Access and has released a new gameplay trailer to let fans see what awaits in the stars!

Oxygen Not Included is a colony simulation game developed and published by Klei Entertainment. Players are tasked with helping their ‘Duplicants’ survive inside a hostile procedurally generated asteroid. Proving for their needs, like food shelter, will turn your flying space rock into a functioning space colony.

Oxygen Not Included: Spaced Out! sees your Duplicants journey out to other planetoids!


  • New Multi-World Gameplay:
    Put your colony management skills to the test by juggling the needs of Duplicants in multiple colonies simultaneously. Switch between planets in real time and secure rare resources on other worlds to supply your home base.”
  • Expanded Rocketry:
    Customize new modular rockets to your liking, then explore the expanse of space with the newly overhauled Starmap. Huge expansions to the Research Tree provide new mid-game Rocketry options, giving your Duplicants an edge in the asteroid space-race.”
  • New Critters:
    Get acquainted with some new fuzzy friends – if you’re nice, they might help you out around the colony!”
  • New Resources, Biomes, Tech and More:
    Tons of new biomes to explore, tech to research, and resources to mine. There’s a whole new universe out there – discover it all in Oxygen Not Included: Spaced Out!

An exciting adventure among the stars!

Oxygen Not Included – Spaced Out! is available now through Steam Early Access and requires Oxygen Not Included.

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