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Anime NYC Online Has Opened Its Cosplay Submissions!

Anime NYC Online wants you to show off your cosplay!

(Featured Image: NTWRK Presents Anime NYC Online Powered By Crunchyroll)

Anime NYC Online has opened up submissions for their Virtual Cosplay Showcase, which will be styled around the popular “Pass the Brush” challenge! The pass the brush challenge has cosplayers “pass” an item (e.g. – a brush) between each other in a continuous video.

Amenoocosplay’s Pass The Brush cosplay video (used as an example by Anime NYC Online).


For Anime NYC Online, cosplayers can submit a 15-20 second video, but instead of using a brush, they will be “passing on” the free printable badge for the online con.

NTWRK Presents Anime NYC Online Powered By Crunchyroll

Anime NYC Online’s Instructions (Source):

  • “Download and print out our Online Badge”
  • “Make a short video of yourself”
  • “The video should be 15 to 20 seconds”
  • “Take it with your phone in a vertical format
  • “The video needs to start and end with you holding the badge up to the camera”
  • “We’ll be adding music behind all the videos, so don’t sing or do anything else that focuses on sound”
  • “During your video, show off a few poses in your costume or through the magic of editing you can transform into it”
  • “After making your video, send it to us by filling out the application below”
  • “Make sure to include your name and info in your application, as we want to credit everyone in the video”
  • “The Anime NYC team will edit all the videos together and share the combined collab video during Anime NYC Online!”

Step-by-Step Guide and Sample Video:

NTWRK Presents Anime NYC Online Powered By Crunchyroll

Cosplayers have until November 12 to submit their videos. Make sure to read the instructions and that your chosen cosplay fits into the Anime NYC cosplay policies, which you can read more about here.

Anime NYC Online will give fans a chance to connect and enjoy an anime celebration from the safety of their homes. Presented by NTWRK, an online video shopping platform that has offered amazing ways for content to be created and shared with fans. The global anime community can enjoy the event via the NTWRK app.

Anime NYC

For four nights, anime fans from across the world can check out exclusive interviews and presentations from industry members and creators. See the latest anime, get the coolest news, and take home some exclusive/pre-release merch. Anime NYC Online will even have its own online expo hall, where creators can offer their items for sale via a online booth. Anime brand Crunchyroll is set to be the primary sponsor for Anime NYC Online, continuing its support for the Anime NYC event even as it goes online.

Cosplayers who want to participate have to submit their video in by Nov 12th. Head here to learn more, submit your video, or to message them if you have questions. Anime NYC Online notes that its goal is to include all the videos they receive that correctly follow the guidelines.

NTWRK Presents Anime NYC Online Powered By Crunchyroll will be from November 17-20, 2020. You can get more information by checking out the official site, and stay tuned for the official schedule as well as details about events.

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