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The Geeky Yokai Ita-Bag Is a Great Way To Show Off Your Nerdy Love!

Show your geeky pride!

(Featured Image: Geeky Yokai)

An amazing new bag for fans of all things nerdy and spooky is currently running a Kickstarter campaign! The Geeky Yokai Nobusuma Ita-Bag is a fashionable bag with a great design; it is a stylish way to show off your collectible pins!

Coming from the Geeky Yokai, it is a unique creation designed by them. It breaths their charm and amazingly fun aesthetic.

The Geeky Yokai’s modeling their great new bag!

An absolutely adorable bag, it is ready to accompany you on your next adventure. The Nobusuma Ita-Bag is moderately sized and able to store all your necessities. All the things you need for your day, including your Gameboy Color.

Geeky Yokai

Each bag is made of durable vegan leather. A blood drop pullers are attached to the zippers for that extra eerie touch. They come with a free Nobsuma Pin & Tsum Tsum Yokai Pin.

The Geeky Yokai Nobusuma Ita-Bag is just the first in a planned series of ita-bags coming from the nerd brand, so make sure to stay tuned!

Geeky Yokai

The Geeky Yokai Nobusuma Ita-Bag Kickstarter campaign is currently live and will end on November 22, 2020, with the estimated release date for the bag being March 2021. You can head over now to learn more and to back this great project.

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