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Stay Cozy This Autumn With The New RWBY Fall Collection!

Great styles and comfy fits!

(Featured Image Source: Rooster Teeth)

This fall, RWBY will keep you cozy and comfortable with a new set of clothes available from Rooster Teeth! Several new stylish pieces have been released, letting you show off your RWBY love!

Show off the hauntingly beautiful shattered moon of the series world with the RWBY Remnant Moon Long Sleeve T-Shirt!

The RWBY Yang Long Sleeve Button Down Flannel is the perfect bit of casual wear, sporting the colors of everyone’s favorite fire-haired brawler.

The RWBY Rose Zip Up Hoodie will let everyone know what team you are on.

RWBY Penny Polendina & Neo Politan Cosplay Hoodies are a great way to casually pull off the look of two fan-favorite characters.

This gorgeous Team RWBY Denim Jacket is a must-have for any series fan!

The back of it has the current look of team RWBY beautifully displayed on a patch, with the character logos embroidered on the front.

RWBY Typography Beanie, Crewneck Sweatshirt, & Chenille Joggers are all cute and stylized ways to stay warm. Each letter is themed after its team member.

All of these look great and come in unisex. They make the perfect addition to any RWBY fan’s closet, just in time for fall!

You can grab these and other RWBY collectibles by heading to the online Rooster Teeth Store!

Check out RWBY so that you can join in on the adventures of Ruby, Weiss, Yang, Blake, and their friends, as they face-off against the Grimm. Head over to Rooster Teeth First to see the latest episodes, behind the scene special videos, and catch up from the beginning of their journey.

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