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Steampunk Eldritch Horror Board Game ‘Machina Arcana’ Is Now On Kickstarter!

A tabletop game set in a dark realm of horrid crimes and unspeakable horrors.

(Featured Image Source: Juraj Bilić / Adreama Games)

Get ready to take a unique dungeon crawling experience to your table with Machina Arcana starting it Kickstarter campaign!

A steampunk horror board game, Mahina Arcana was designed by Juraj Bilić and published by Adreama Games. In Machina Arcana, 1-4 players will take the roles of explorers working together to survive different grim and otherworldly scenarios. Use unique tactical play that incorporates inventory items, combat mechanics, and the player environment. Each story is set to be a dangerous and chilling tale.

The playable characters are all perfectly themed, each bringing unique skills that fit their personality and aesthetic. You and your friends are playing seasoned adventures facing off against ancient evils that want you dead, and you are not as prepared as you may have first thought…

A dark realm of horrid crimes and unspeakable horrors.

Journey into a subterranean world and explore twisting hallways, timeless chambers made in honor of ancient horrors, and beyond, the world of Machina Arcana will take you to realms unknown. Collect items and explore your environment to fight back what dwells in the dark. The world and dangers of the game are inspired by the Cthulhu mythos with a steampunk twist. The game comes with scenarios that will give you and your friends a dark adventure.

The monsters of Machina Arcana are varied and gorgeously displayed thanks to the game’s stunning art style. Making it past them doesn’t guarantee survival, as at the end of every scenario is a mini-game that players will have to face.

The entire world of Machina Arcana is presented in a captivating art style that just draws you into the mythos. Even the dice are stunning.

Prepare for a journey into forgotten realms when you play Machina Arcana.

Machina Arcana is currently running a Kickstarter campaign that is set to end October 15. You can back it now and secure your copy of this horror-filled steampunk journey.

Want to experience a bit of Machina Arcana now? Then check out the recently released Machina Arcana Tabletop Simulator Mod. It is available to download now on the Steam Workshop.

(Source: Machina Arcana)

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