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Crunchyroll Announces New Anime, Details Partnerships With Loot Crate & Sentai Filmworks, At Virtual Crunchyroll Expo 2020

A weekend filled with anime news!

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Anime brand Crunchyroll had some amazing announcements at their Virtual Crunchytroll Expo 2020 that is just set to make anime fans delighted. New anime reveals, returning franchises, exciting partnerships, cool collectibles, and more, Virtual Crunchyroll Expo has been a great watch.

Crunchyroll and Adult Swim Are Producing A Shenmue Anime Series!

Crunchyroll and Adult Swim are teaming up to produce an anime series based on the classic Sega video game series Shenmue, and the game’s original creator Yu Suzuki and the anime series director Sakurai Chikara detailed some of the process in a special interview.

The interview was revealed at the Industry Panel, with the two creators speaking about the process of turning the iconic game into an anime series, what they hope fans will be able to take from it, and what Shenmue is thematically about.

The anime adaption of Shenmue will be a 13 episode series and will follow the same story. Animation production will be by Telecom Animation Film, with production management by Sola Entertainment.

Shenmue is the third Crunchyroll and Adult Swim Production, the others being the recently announced Fena: Pirate Princess and BLADE RUNNER – Black Lotus.

Via Crunchyroll

Shenmue will stream worldwide outside of Japan and mainland China on Crunchyroll and air on Adult Swim’s Toonami programming block in the domestic United States.

Crunchyroll and Loot Crate Detailed Their Collaboration

Via Crunchyroll / Loot Crate

Crunchyroll and Loot Crate will be working together to bring fans collectibles with two new Loot Crate options: The Crunchyroll Crate and the limited-edition Mobile Suit Gundam Life Crate.

The Crunchyroll Crate will feature a selection of curated anime items from a lineup of fan-favorite anime series including Mob Psycho 100, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, and Welcome to Demon School Iruma-Kun, as well as upcoming Crunchyroll Original series Noblesse. Oh, and of course, the platform’s adorable mascot Crunchyroll-Hime.

The Crunchyroll Crate will ship worldwide late November / early December 2020, excluding Asia and a selection of other territories. Fans can preorder theirs now.

The Mobile Suit Gundam Life crate is a limited edition series set to run for 8-crates. With a quarterly release schedule, eager Gundam fans can head here to learn more as further details are released this fall, as well as sign up for a raffle to win free Mobile Suit Gundam Crates.

New Anime And Returning Anime Heading To The Platform

Of course, Crunchyroll took this weekend to discuss what series will be heading to the platform. Returning series include:

Dr. Stone Season 2

  • How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord: Omega

New Series Detailed Include:

To Your Eternity

Jujutsu Kaisen

Via Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll and Sentai Filmworks Announce Home Video Distribution Partnership

Fans should get ready for their anime collections to grow with Crunchyroll and Sentai Filmworks announcing a partnership. Sentai Filmworks is one of the world’s leading anime and anime merchandise distributors, making a partnership between the two a perfect match. The collaboration will bring home video and digital purchase options with the four first titles announced including:

Food Wars! The Fourth Plate

Via Crunchyroll

Ascendance of a Bookworm

Via Crunchyroll
  • Granbelm
  • World Trigger

All of them include subbed and English-dubbed options.

A weekend filled with jam-packed announcements from across the world of anime, Crunchyroll made sure to show up in force too. Fans can take home collectibles celebrating this weekend, including seven tropically theme shirts and an exclusive limited-edition ARTFX J Shoto Todoroki figure.

ARTFX J Shoto Todoroki figure.

Some of the Virtual Crunchyroll Expo Shirts

Fans have until September 8th to preorder the Virtual Crunchyroll Expo collectibles, so they will want to hurry over to the online Crunchyroll Store!

Stay tuned to Crunchyroll for more info on all these announcements or to check out the great library of anime titles.

(Source: Crunchroll)

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