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“Onyx Equinox” Cast And Premiere Date Announced

This November, the adventure begins.

(Featured Image Source: Crunchyroll)

Crunchyroll has revealed the cast for their upcoming original series, Onyx Equinox, as well as announced its premiere date.

An epic story set in ancient Mesoamerica, it follows the journey of Izel, a boy, who after being saved by the gods, is chosen to be humanity’s champion and prove their worth. The series was created by Sofia Alexander.

The English voice cast is made up of a mix of Latinx and rising talent actors, set to bring Onyx Equinox’s unique characters to life.

“Izel: Humanity’s reluctant hero. Tasked with closing the five gates of the underworld.” Olivia brown has provided the voice for Murray in The Beefcake Boys and Isabelle in AFK Arena.
Via Crunchyroll
“Nelli: Izel’s sister and greatest source of motivation.” Sofia Alexander is the exectuive producer and creator of the Onyx Equinox and will also be providing the voice for K’i’ik and Meque.
Via Crunchyroll
“Yaotl: The jaguar-like emissary of Tezcatlipoca who accompanies Izel.” Alejandro Vargas-Lugo is a long time voice actor, working as Grim in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, as well as roles in Balto, and Tombstone.
Via Crunchyroll
“Zyanya: A warrior with a powerful ability, seeks to restore her destroyed city.” Carolina Ravassa is the talented performer who directed, produced and stared in the award winning webseries Hispanglosaxon. She is the voice of Overwatch’s Sombra, and has provided voices for numerous characters in games like Red Dead Redemption II, Grand theft Auto, and Just Cause 4.
Via Crunchyroll
“Yun: K’in’s more individualistic twin. The emotional core of Izel’s group.” Patrick Pedrazza’s voice has appeared in many games and animations, including the recently released Wasteland 3.
Via Crunchyroll
“K’in: Yun’s mischievous, risk-taking twin who often takes jokes too far.” Juan Arturo Maldonado is a social activist, passionate about writing and entertainment.
Via Crunchyroll
“Xanastaku: A priestess in Izel’s party. Desires to redeem her dark past.” Kimberly Woods is recognizable name to any anime and vbideo game faan, appearing in popular series like Demon Skayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and Sword Art Online.
Via Crunchyroll
Arin Handson is well known as Egoraptopr and is the co-founder of the popular YouTube series Game Grumps.
Via Crunchyroll
Zeus Mendoza is a talented stage, film, and television actor who was hjas appeared in film including Puss In Boots, Passengers, and the Land of Milk and Honey.
Via Crunchyroll
Castulo Guerra is a long time actor whose credits include Jane the Virgin, Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons, and New York Shakespeare Festival’s production of Othello.
Via Crunchyroll
Fayna Sanchez is the host of horror podcast “Nocturna” and has appeared in stage productions and films like Hulu’s Dollface and The Motherfucker With the Hat.
Via Crunchyroll

Onyx Equinox is just the latest series to join the ever-growing list of Crunchyroll Original’s, which include fan favorites like The God of High School and Tower Of God.

Onyx Equinox will premiere Saturday, November 21st, exclusively on Crunchyroll, and will be dubbed in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and German at its launch.

Fans who want to learn more about the series can check out the Virtual Crunchyroll Expo this weekend, which includes several panels featuring the creator and crew of Onyx Equinox.

Panels include:

Do you like anime? Then you will want to check out Virtual Crunchyroll Expo 2021, an online anime convention coming to screens August 6-7th! You can head to the official site to learn more.

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