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A Mysterious Adventure Awaits In Exploration Puzzle Game “The Long Gate”

What mysteries await?

(Featured Image: David Shaw)

Explore ancient secrets long forgotten among challenging puzzles in The Long Gate.

The Long Gate – Announcement Trailer

Developed by David Shaw, The Long Gate will task players with exploring puzzle-filled caverns. Cryptic clues about the game’s world, all around you, the game’s setting is a mix of nature and technology, the beautiful original soundtrack by Nicholas Newman setting the tone for the adventure ahead. What mysteries await?

David Shaw

Players will need to take on three types of circuit-based puzzles; digital, analog, and quantum. The game’s developer worked with quantum computing company D-wave to make sure the quantum puzzles were accurately portrayed! Complete the puzzles in any order you want. Explore the world around you!

David Shaw

The Long Gate will be available on September 22 for PC and Linux. A Mac version will be available at a later date. You can add it to your Steam Wishlist now.

(Source: David Shaw)

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