“RWBY: The Official Manga” Is Available now!

The Hunt Begins!

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Fans of Rooster Teeth’sRWBY” should be very excited, as volume 1 of “RWBY: The Official Manga” is available now!

VIZ Media

Based on the fan-favorite action-packed web series, RWBY: The Official Manga was written and illustrated by Bunta Kinami. The manga adaption brings all the fun-heartfelt storytelling, well-designed characters, and spectacular world animation fans fell in love with.

RWBY is set in the fantastical world of Remnant, where evil creatures known as the “Grimm,” ravage the land. It is up to Hunters, wielders of amazing elemental weapons, to protect those who can not protect themselves. Follow team RWBY, four very different girls who strive to be the best, as they team-up and train to become Huntresses!

The animated series is praised for its strong female protagonists, its over-the-top action, and the amazing design of the world and characters. The series has won four Streamy Awards, its episodes averaging at least 7,000,000 views. RWBY fans head to Austin, Texas every summer to attend Rooster Teeth’s RTX convention, making up a good chunk of its 70,000 attendees.

A familiar story made new!

(Image Source VIZ Meda / Bunta Kinami)

RWBY: The Official Manga is the opening story of RWBY made new. It turns the familiar world of Remnant into a gorgeous and masterfully done swash of colors and hues on its opening pages, before turning to the traditional black and white of a manga, never losing the spirit of what made the animated RWBY series amazing, the manga establishes its strengths. Deep captivating emotional moments that the reader can feel through the art, the manga’s version of the characters are faithful to the source but offers deeper insight into iconic characters and memorable moments. It makes the opening chapters of RWBY feel like a new experience.

Such amazing and well down scenes are all throughout the manga.
(Image Source VIZ Meda / Bunta Kinami)

Secrets abound?

While it is the first five episodes of the animated series, this manga adaption does offer viewpoints and moments that were not fully revealed in the original show. No spoilers, but it makes for an interesting experience as you go back and check after reading, just what was revealed and how it lines up with the story down the line. New fans to RWBY will get the same excitement as they find themselves pulled into the story of a team of girls forced to work together. Dangers await them and their friends as they start their training as Hunters and Huntresses. The eight new recruits have far to go.

The action is all there!

(Image Source VIZ Meda / Bunta Kinami)

Every RWBY fan knows when it comes to its fight scenes and action, it gets to be over the top, and it is all masterfully brought to the page by Bunta Kinami. The attacks and weapons that are signature of the series is captured and feel just amazing as they do when animated, but with the added sensation that each encounter between characters and the Grimm is more tactical. It is one thing to see the action unfold on the screen, but on the page, you get the character’s thought process, you see claws slash away at them and experience what they deeper reactions are.

Well, wouldn’t you go “aaaaaaa” at an epic moment like this?
(Image Source VIZ Meda / Bunta Kinami)

A stylized and beautiful recreation of RWBY’s story, with a few extras, it is a gorgeous read. Volume 1 is the first few episodes of RWBY, making it a good way to experience it for the first time or again.

We just can not recommend RWBY enough for both fans and newcomers. This is one read that no Hunter or Huntress will want to miss!

Originally published in Japan, RWBY: The Official Manga is being released in English by fan-favorite anime/manga publisher VIZ MediaRWBY: The Official Manga Vol. 1 is available now, and again, we just can’t recommend it enough! It is just the latest addition to the fantastic lineup of reads from VIZ Media, including “The World of RWBY” artbook.

Check out RWBY so that you can join in on the adventures of Ruby, Weiss, Yang, Blake, and their friends, as they face-off against the Grimm. Head over to Rooster Teeth First or VRV, to see the latest episodes, behind the scene special videos, and catch up from the beginning of their journey.

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