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Play NYC 2020 Will Be A Weeklong Online Event This Summer!

The popular gaming event has been announced for this summer!

(Featured Image – Play NYC)

Due to concerns regarding COVID-19, Playcrafting’s Play NYC 2020 is set to be held online this year as a free virtual event.

Play NYC 2020 Announcement

Play NYC has become a staple of the NYC gaming community, spotlighting amazing games in development and on their way. But with NYC still paused as it recovers from COVID-19, it is an amazing move to see the spectacular event shift onto an online space for the time being. Indie game developers can apply to exhibit their games, with those selected being able to participate for free for the first time. This show of support is also shown via Play NYC’s Graffiti Games, where they commission games for the show. This year’s Graffiti Games will be curated by Decoy Games and will amplify the work of Black game developers. Gamers can nominate creators, here.

Planned to last the week of August 10th-16th, the event will, for the first time, be officially supported by the NYC Mayor’s Office for Media and Entertainment, meaning our fellow New Yorkers can expect to see Play NYC posters throughout the city this summer!

Play NYC 2019 Recap

More than 5,000 people attended last year’s Play NYC!


More information about planned exhibited games and guest speakers will be announced in the coming weeks. You can head over to to reserve your space as an attendant. Game developers can journey on over to apply as an exhibitor.

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